Xavier will be embarking on a Mediterranean Tour Summer 2018. Cities include Spain, Barcelona, Italy, Naples, Florence, Rome and three other cites to be announced as the tour progresses. The tour will showcase two live performances, a new documentary, unseen footage from his work of the past 5 years, a follow up Platinum Edition album for his latest release “XAVIER”.

The experience starts July 1st 2018 and the only way to get tickets is to have already booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean on their new ship “Symphony of The Sea” which as of 2018 is the biggest ship in the world. This was done so people who have never discovered Xavier could have a chance thereby expanding his audience. However die hard fans have been given a 60 day notice via Xavier’s latest promo to book a reservation on the extremely limited ship. Xavier promises the documentary and Platinum Album will be specially done for his fans and well worth the wait.

To book tickets please visit Royal Caribbean

Look for the tour dates announced.

The Platinum Album & Documentary will be released after the Tour.