Letoya Luckett

Longevity is what artist should strive for. Music that reaches the heart, mind and soul. Music that makes a difference and will change lives forever. Music that will live on for generations to come.    That is the kind of music Letoya makes and it is more evident than ever with her latest album “Back […]

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News, XMC

  Here at XMC we are devastated, in disbelief, and lost for words at the tragedy the people of Las Vegas had to witness. The video above is of Jimmy Kimmel and his thoughts on the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas. It brings us to tears, and leaves us feeling helpless to see so many […]

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The Artist


DAMN. for Album of the Year.  Kendrick seriously just stole the Album of the Year title from our last candidate which was Big Sean. Kendrick’s masterpiece DAMN. has been on solid repeat since he dropped it. DNA – HUMBLE – ELEMENT & LOYALTY are classic. This album is as close to contemporary art as we […]

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Album Extras, XAVIER TWO


“I started working on X2 in November, this was the fastest I’ve ever completed an album before, simply because I had such narrow vision on what I wanted to do next. I woke up one day and I was so inspired by PARTYNEXTDOOR and a few other influences and I wanted something . . . […]

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Forever in our Hearts – Prince

I remember listening to my father play your purple rain. I grew up on the foundation of music that is Prince. You will be forever missed and you will live on in our hearts. Your talent goes beyond what we can say. You are history and you’ve laid the way to our present and future […]

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