Xavier on music, independence, pandemic & love

You started your journey in 2016. You’ve put out 2 Albums, 2 EPs, got signed, went on your first tour, released music digitally & in stores, then went after radio airplay. In that time you’ve started your own publisher and now here we are, all this in five years. What does that feel like? Where […]

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Time for Change

It’s painful to watch the divide in our country right now. -The civilians against the police/law enforcement. -People of all color consistently having to have the conversation against racial prejudice. -Black people in particular, continuously being subject to systematic racism, murdered, and placed in communities where we can’t prosper. -A president who has done nothing […]

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My Diary, News

In Loving Memory of Mom

Life is absolutely unforgiving. Today my sister and I received an official cause of death after nearly three months of uncertainty. “Complications of left tibia fracture due to fall”. Manner of death – ACCIDENT. My mother was on her way to work like any other day July 30th when she fell on Michigan Ave downtown […]

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Drake “More Life” Album of The Year

A playlist by October Firm   We have literally been talking about who we would pick for album of the year since February of 2017. It came down to Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z & Drake. While all three album are very unique to each other, two of them break new grounds in music itself in terms […]

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Letoya Luckett

Longevity is what artist should strive for. Music that reaches the heart, mind and soul. Music that makes a difference and will change lives forever. Music that will live on for generations to come.    That is the kind of music Letoya makes and it is more evident than ever with her latest album “Back […]

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The Artist


DAMN. for Album of the Year.  Kendrick seriously just stole the Album of the Year title from our last candidate which was Big Sean. Kendrick’s masterpiece DAMN. has been on solid repeat since he dropped it. DNA – HUMBLE – ELEMENT & LOYALTY are classic. This album is as close to contemporary art as we […]

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