Time for Change

It’s painful to watch the divide in our country right now.

-The civilians against the police/law enforcement.

-People of all color consistently having to have the conversation against racial prejudice.

-Black people in particular, continuously being subject to systematic racism, murdered, and placed in communities where we can’t prosper.

-A president who has done nothing but set this country back financially and cause an even further divide amongst the people.

-Immigrants, mexicans, and children from other cultures being placed in camps and being treated as if they don’t belong here.

-LGBTQ still being denied equal rights.

My heart is filled with disappointment and sadness.
We need change and we need a real leader.

White people are not the problem. Racism is.
Not all Police are the same. Not all police are evil. Police brutality is. Abuse of authority is.

I want to see this country united again. I want to see this country move forward together.

I pray for change.

In God we trust.


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