Xavier on Year of Journey film

The team working with Xavier on his latest project “Year of Journey” have been very tight lipped. You wouldn’t know there was a project had it not been announced. However we do have a comment and some details leading up to the release of the first preview. Xavier mentioned to XMC Publishing team the following;

“We are creating a film about life, in a time where we are surrounded by so much death. So far we are making progress and the film is becoming an artistic scenic approach to the Journey album in dedication to my mother and in relation to all that has happened this year, I wanted to show my fans what they don’t usually get to see”.

Without giving too many details Xavier also mentioned his relationship with his family;

“I think the film will show that family is complicated and sometimes you are left on your own, this helps you find your inner strength”.

There is no creative team working with Xavier on this project, and this is the first film he’s directed and the first visual project since his 2017 self titled album. This is also the first project completely funded, distributed and produced by XMC. Xavier has solely been working with his cinematography team as that’s the most important aspect of the film beyond the story itself. With that being said we asked what can we expect the day of release and his response was telling enough,

“I think the fans will be surprised, I think there is something in the film for everyone, those who suffer loss, those who are fans of the Journey album, and those who truly appreciate art, and of course I’ve left room for a little something special”.

Journey continues to be Xavier’s top selling and streaming album. Year of Journey the film is expected to release the first half of December.


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