JOURNEY – Now Available

I wanted to let the music speak for itself. 

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After just completing a visual album, and performing all over creation, I wanted to let the music speak for itself on my next project. This was possibly the most important aspect of this project, to be heard and not necessarily seen. We live in a world where music is not taken seriously without some gimmick or videos to accompany it. When a visual representation of music is distributed to the masses I believe it should be to show the art and the image that is in the artist head and not for promotion.

For new years eve I wanted to give my fans three tracks before the album releases in January.

  1. A message about love from my mother since thats what this project is all about.
  2. A song titled “He’s Pretty” for anyone who has ever felt less than the next, or suffered with low self esteem in a relationship.
  3. The promise that love can last FOREVER. I’m so excited for this track because, it is a song of love, forgiveness, healing and dedication. I feel like that positivity is needed for the year of 2019.

As an artist I hope everyone who listens appreciates the music and, I thank my fans for allowing me to take on a new direction and grow.




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