In Loving Memory of Mom

Life is absolutely unforgiving. Today my sister and I received an official cause of death after nearly three months of uncertainty. “Complications of left tibia fracture due to fall”. Manner of death – ACCIDENT.

My mother was on her way to work like any other day July 30th when she fell on Michigan Ave downtown Chicago and broke her left knee. Not only did she break it parts of her bones went through her arteries. After being rushed to the hospital and countless hours in the waiting room, hours would turn into days, days would turn into weeks, after several surgeries things were looking up. She later began rehabilitation where I would spend days with her working out. I just knew she would be returning home. She was at North Western Hospital with some of the best doctors who had her own her way to recovery.

After moving to another rehab place a week later I was called and told she was “non responsive” and as I rushed to see her I received another call that she had passed away. I had literally just gotten off the phone with her prior and told her I loved her and would see her tomorrow.

I’ve never felt a pain, and fear like this in my life. To this day I hate that I am still living in a world without her and some days find it hard to continue on when all I want is to be with my best friend. My mother.

I didn’t understand how she could be ok one day and gone the next. Mom, had heart problems. Stomach problems and other complications throughout this year. She spent too many days in the hospital prior to this. On the outside she looked 100% perfectly healthy prior to the fall. We had just come back from climbing the ruins in Europe.

I guess the Lord felt she had suffered enough, her body gave up even tho her spirit had more fight left, the Lord decided to call her home.

I’ll never love someone enough to grieve the way I am now, she was literally my world and my world is shattered and I feel completely empty most days. I understand that everyone will transition into the next life one day and will watch other love ones move forward as well but it doesn’t stop the pain.

Life is truly unforgiving.

I’m greatly appreciative for being able to see many countries with you. Explore the world by your side. It has been an honor and a privilege to be your son. I can’t wait to explore the afterlife with you, once again reunited by your side. I love you so much mama. Until we meet again, I’ll always love you. Forever. 



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