DAMN. for Album of the Year. 

Kendrick seriously just stole the Album of the Year title from our last candidate which was Big Sean. Kendrick’s masterpiece DAMN. has been on solid repeat since he dropped it. DNA – HUMBLE – ELEMENT & LOYALTY are classic. This album is as close to contemporary art as we are going to get from Kendrick, an artist who normally veers more on the side of poetic speech. This near perfect body of work gives us a different and honestly more radio friendly Kendrick. A Kendrick that everyone can relate to, a Kendrick that once again has reinvented himself. There are so many topics in discussion here, he could not afford to waste one bar. Subject matters weighing heavily on God, politics, family, love, sex and faith you could seriously spend days if not weeks contemplating what Kendrick is really saying in this album. “Ain’t nobody praying for me”. . . let that sink in. Here at XMC we’ve never had rap artist win our hearts especially not enough for us to say “This artist should be awarded album of the year” however when rap is done right, and is thought out lyrically and not just on the production side it’s hard to deny that honor. Kendrick has mastered the art of being a rapper, even more so he has mastered his craft which is unique in it’s own right.



ExplicitBLOOD. Kendrick Lamar 1:58 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitDNA. Kendrick Lamar 3:05 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitYAH. Kendrick Lamar 2:40 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitELEMENT. Kendrick Lamar 3:28 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitFEEL. Kendrick Lamar 3:34 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitLOYALTY. (FEAT. RIHANNA.) Kendrick Lamar 3:47 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitPRIDE. Kendrick Lamar 4:35 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitHUMBLE. Kendrick Lamar 2:57 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitLUST. Kendrick Lamar 5:07 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitLOVE. (FEAT. ZACARI.) Kendrick Lamar 3:33 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitXXX. (FEAT. U2.) Kendrick Lamar 4:14 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitFEAR. Kendrick Lamar 7:40 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitGOD. Kendrick Lamar 4:08 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitDUCKWORTH. Kendrick Lamar 4:08 $1.29 View in iTunes



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