Jhene Aiko


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I was introduced to Jhene a little over 6 years ago. Her artistic creative/creation process has always inspired. I’m extreamly excited for her upcoming project and I just wanted to show her some love.

Jhene is definitely a personality and a real artist. She is dynamic and never afraid to explore different visuals and aspects of herself which has only helped her to grow.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, R&B singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko first rose to prominence in the early years of the 2000s when she signed to Epic and contributed vocals several tracks for labelmates B2K. Coming from a musical family, with two of her sisters (Miyoko and Jamila) members of the group Gyrl, Aiko had plenty of musical training to launch her later successes through various appearances on music videos and soundtracks. After collaborating with other artists during her early to mid-teens, she took a brief hiatus to finish her education. In 2011, she released her comeback mixtape, Sailing Soul(s), comprised of dreamy, minimal R&B vocals; it was entirely written by Aiko herself and featured collaborations with Drake, Gucci Mane, and Kanye West. In 2012, she signed with Def Jam through No I.D.’s ARTium imprint and released the single “3:16AM.” The following year proved to be pivotal for Aiko — she was featured on Big Sean’s Top 40 hit “Beware” and teamed up with Drake for an appearance on his highly anticipated album Nothing Was the Same. Critics praised her performance with Drake, which raised her profile globally. In November 2013, she released her debut EP, Sail Out, which included the tracks “Bed Peace” (featuring Childish Gambino) and “The Worst,” the latter of which peaked at number nine on Billboard’s R&B chart. Souled Out, her proper debut album, was released the following September. ~ Aneet Nijjar


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We definitely have some die hard fans of Jhene here at XMC.







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