“I started working on X2 in November, this was the fastest I’ve ever completed an album before, simply because I had such narrow vision on what I wanted to do next. I woke up one day and I was so inspired by PARTYNEXTDOOR and a few other influences and I wanted something . . . fresh. I wanted to push my image and my sound in a very different direction, something more approachable and I wanted to take risk. I was actually becoming bored with music and felt stagnant and this album, this experience, really excited me.  I’m most proud when I have a complete body of work, that is completely different from anything I’ve previously done and that is what this album represents. I actually recorded it in two weeks, normally it takes 9 months to a year for me to complete an album and I’m sure future albums will, but again this was very planned and narrow minded, and that really helped. The result is an album that really is fun, and expressive for me. So many hands and people went into making this album happen, actually this album has the biggest team out of all of my efforts and it’s only 9 songs. However I believe in quality over quantity and there was a very specific sound I wanted to introduce to my fans. There is so much more coming and I’m excited for everyone to see.”


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