Jhené Aiko Co-Directed new video Maniac

Everyone here at XMC is anxiously awaiting for Jhené to release her new album for 2017. After her hit single Maniac it’s obvious that she has freshened up her style for her coming project and we are eagerly awaiting. Actually the most interesting news out of all of this would be that Jhené co-directed this video, her use of speeding up frames, shadows and blurred camera angles are impressive, especially considering the video was shot in one setting. Check it out.



Aiko told Rolling Stone – “When I started putting together the concept for the ‘Maniac’ visual, I wanted to explore what it meant to be manic.” She researched on old asylums and patient treatments into the video. She said “I learned that lots of women were admitted for absurd reasons, including being ‘nymphomaniacs,’ and were basically tortured in the name of treatment”.


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