I was asked who my favorite male artist is. I love PND – He’s simply amazing, his vocals, production and his creative mind goes beyond what any other male artist in my opinion has done in my generation. I love you Jahron Anthony and thank you for being such a huge inspiration in my life.

His P3 album has taken risk and his PARTYNEXTDOOR 2 album has exceeded and elevated my expectations of how unique art should be. His first album (Mix tape) PARTYNEXTDOOR set me free and pushed me to be myself, he really does make you want to party. PND has raised the bar and is the Diamond Standard for what quality production is. Beyond his creative and dynamic, honest character, he is such a pure soul of light and ambition. Jahron you inspire me to be great. You inspire me to take my music further than I have imagined. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Always stay true to you, you will forever have my love and support.

Favorite songs:

Temptation – Don’t Run – Joy – SLS – Grown Woman – Options – East Liberty – Sex On The Beach -FWU – Not Nice – Wild Bitches – Curious


ExplicitHigh Hopes PARTYNEXTDOOR 7:22 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitDon’t Run PARTYNEXTDOOR 4:03 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitNobody PARTYNEXTDOOR 4:10 $1.29 View in iTunes

Not Nice PARTYNEXTDOOR 3:22 $1.29 View in iTunes

Only U PARTYNEXTDOOR 2:55 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitDon’t Know How PARTYNEXTDOOR 2:54 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitProblems & Selfless PARTYNEXTDOOR 3:37 $1.29 View in iTunes

Temptations PARTYNEXTDOOR 2:43 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitSpiteful PARTYNEXTDOOR 5:35 $1.29 View in iTunes

Joy PARTYNEXTDOOR 3:15 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitYou’ve Been Missed PARTYNEXTDOOR 4:00 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitTransparency PARTYNEXTDOOR 3:50 $1.29 View in iTunes

Brown Skin PARTYNEXTDOOR 3:58 $1.29 View in iTunes

Explicit1942 PARTYNEXTDOOR 5:41 $1.29 View in iTunes

ExplicitCome and See Me (feat. Drake) PARTYNEXTDOOR 3:55 $1.29 View in iTunes

Nothing Easy to Please PARTYNEXTDOOR 4:23 $1.29 View in iTunes



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