BEYONCE – Changed The Game

Beyonces 5th Solo Album – although it had many writers and many producers and many directors is a game changer. It’s commercial yet very defining for her as an artist and shows great personal growth. This album balances perfectly unlike any other. The album debut in 2013 and today, here in 2015 it feel likes only yesterday. The album is truly timeless. I’ve only now start wanting another album from Beyonce and word is shes in the studio ready to strike again. She changed the game with that digital drop.

Beyoncé’s surprise release changed the music industry more than any other album in the last 10 years, but not in the way you may think. When she released her eponymous album at the end of 2013, the reaction was unparalleled. There had been surprise releases before, but none of this magnitude. There were no leaks. No physical copies. No marketing budget. No singles. No streaming. If you wanted to hear one song you had to buy them all. And yet Beyoncé still sold over 800,000 units in 72 hours on iTunes. It was a ***Flawless rollout and an unprecedented risk for a superstar artist in the prime of her career to take.

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